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Driving an RV Along The Loneliest Highway in America

Scenic Rest Stop!
After picking up our trailer from it's storage location and enjoying a fabulous time in California catching up with friends for a few weeks, it was time to make our way to our main destination for the summer... Colorado. We had decided last year that it was time to pay Colorado some attention. Although we had spent a few days in Durango in 2014 Colorado is our most neglected western state. This summer is the time to rectify that.

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Pit Stop: Kannah Creek Brewing, Grand Junction, CO

The brewery has a neat location that was an ex-steakhouse. It kind of has that retro feel still. There's also a small deck out front to enjoy the summer heat. We found the place friendly and full of chatty locals.

I enjoyed the Standing Wave Pale Ale, Iain tried the Lands End Amber. We are predictable in our choices!

Link to website

Pit Stop: Suds Brothers Brewery, Fruita, CO

This brewpub, is much more of a slick operation than the Copper Club Tap Room down the road, but it loses some of the charm, with its pub and restaurant feel. This place seems more about food than beer for sure.

I tried the Belgian Single which I really enjoyed, Iain was less enamored with his choice Red Monkey Butt Amber, it was a little wimpy and lacking in flavor.

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Pit Stop: Copper Club Brewing, Fruita, CO

This low key brewery on Fruita main street has a great choice of beers and you can bring in pizza from Hot Tomato, which is located just behind the tap room.

I continue my obsession with American Pale Ale trying their tasty Hammock Time. Iain's choice of F-Town Amber was a standout. Everything an Amber should be, with a good level of caramel flavor, warm and smooth.

Link to website

California - We Could Live Here!!

After taking the Airstream out of storage after our 6 months overseas trip, we have spent the first few weeks back on the road in California. Having lived 15 years of our adult life here, California is the closest thing Iain and I have to a home. We spent July in the Golden State; in the San Francisco Bay Area catching up with friends, along with some time in three of our favorite California places - the Central Coast, Russian River and Lake Tahoe.

Pit Stop: Fifty Fifty, Truckee, CA

This brewery / restaurant has a sports bar feel to it, with a great patio to enjoy the summer mountain air and a lively bar where you can watch the San Francisco Giants or the 49ers. 

After cycling to the brewery from our campground at Martis Creek I enjoyed the refreshing Manifesto Pale Ale. Iain tried the California Pale Ale (CAPA) which was considerably more hoppy than mine. 

They also brew Eclipse Imperial Stout at this location. No opportunity for us to try this time.