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It's really happening! We sold our place

So we have accepted an offer on our house - I guess this is all becoming real now.  Wow we were very happy with the offer and the best news of all is that the couple want to buy it fully furnished.  When we first put our place on the market we dreamed that someone would be looking for a vacation home and want all of our furniture. It wasn't unrealistic because the majority of the properties in our building are second homes.  But hopes and reality don't always collude, so I still researched consignment stores and broke out in cold sweats worrying about selling our furniture on craigslist. 

But I guess the stars are aligned - the buyers want everything, down to silverware, artwork - the lot. It couldn't have worked out better.  So we have spent the last week making sure we are leaving them good stuff and not saddling them with clutter.  Got to pay forward the State of Unstress philosophy. Even though we don't have a lot of clutter and we prepared the house for sale with another purge, we still we found superfluous things including a spherical Christmas Pudding mold (used once 14 years ago),  some tacky wine bottle stoppers, and 500 hotel pens.  

The inspections came through, and I think he was clutching at straws with a place that is only a few years old. He said our hot and cold faucet was set up the opposite way to what was conventional - okay.  And that our washing machine smelled a bit, well that one was a little embarrassing! The appraisal is in, and the final final piece was the loan approval. Now that's through and all contingencies are lifted - we are all set to move out in a few weeks.

I sincerely hope the buyers are happy in our house.  We have loved living in it,  we chose furniture and art with care and love.  A lot of our pieces weren't that expensive, we paired classier more expensive pieces with simple things found at Pier 1 Imports or Target.  Some of our art was bought from various places around the world and have meaning for us, some came from Ikea.  While I may find it sad to leave our stuff behind I do know it's just stuff and what I am gaining is so much more than things.  

And so it goes.... we will move through the next few weeks gathering up our personal things and leaving everything else behind. It's a surreal state of excitement and fear of the unknown.  Nothing to do but to experience all the emotions that come with change  Bring it on! 

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