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Pit Stop: Industrial Eats, Buellton California

Industrial Eats, Buellton

Heading for the Figueroa Mountain Brewery (FMB) we knew we wanted something to eat before enjoying some local brews. Industrial Eats is a very cool stop, based in the same little Industrial Park as FMB, you would have to know it was there. You won't happen on it by chance.
They are focused on quality meat products. You are met at the door by a very large cow and they offer butchering classes. But non carnivores don't worry there is also plenty of vegetarian fare. The food is casual, you order at the counter and they serve you at mostly communal high top tables.  They have two main sections in the menu, pizza and not pizza. We had pizza, which was delicious, but the non pizza dishes we saw coming out, looked impressive too.  All the ingredients are quality and are prepared with care, just the kind of real food we look for when we are on the road.

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