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Campground Review: Antlers RV Resort, Lake Shasta,CA

Why we chose here?  We wanted to spend some time in the Shasta area. Having visited Mount Shasta several years before, we knew it was a good spot on the way up to Oregon.

Location: The park is (or should I say was) near Lake Shasta. I say "was" because the drought has badly affected this area and there is really just a small stream where the lake was. The boat ramps were closed and honestly this place is just not as scenic when there is no water around. We were late booking this time around otherwise I would have chosen a location nearer to Mount Shasta, as this is where the better hiking and scenery is. Instead we took to driving the 30 or 40 miles up to that area every day.  

Sites: The campground has two sections, a more traditional RV Park type setting, and a more woodsy campground-like setting. Many of the sites have some hookups. I am bummed because I would have preferred the woodsy setting, but when I booked they told me there was limited availability. When we arrived the park was mostly empty for the whole time we were there. We would have been much happier in the woods. 

Facilities: There is a snack bar and store on site.  There is supposed to be a boat ramp and marina - but no lake this year meant no facilities.
Groceries: This is no mans land. There is a store in LakeheadLakehead, CA which has the basics, but we shopped in Mount Shasta or Redding during our day trips. No Whole Foods or Trader Joes anywhere close.  

Reservations: Yes

Cell Coverage / WiFi: They had ok WiFi. Because the place was deserted we found the WiFi usable. Cell coverage was good. 

Price Paid: $38

Date of visit: July 2014

Other:  It was hotter than hell here. Really unbearable. Not the parks fault but the lack of water meant that any lakeside activities were non existent.  

Would we come here again? No. It's a perfectly nice RV park, especially the wooded area. If there is water in the lake and you enjoy boating this would be a good spot. We would prefer to stay further north in the Mount Shasta area if we are this way again.  

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