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Prescott Rhymes With Biscuit... Apparently

Beautiful Watson Lake
The first thing you need to know about Prescott Arizona is how to say it. It goes something like "Pre-skitt". Oh yeah, you will sound like a real outsider if you say "Pre-scott". The second thing you need to know is that it is really quite a charming little place. We have definitely become fatigued with Arizona, despite the recent reprieve in Sedona and Cottonwood. But Prescott may have been our favorite Arizona town yet. None of the razzle dazzle of Sedona, Prescott is definitely not fancy in that same way and that is just fine for us.  

We stayed at a private RV park which is pretty unusual for us, but it was based on recommendations. Point of Rocks Campground is not your typical RV park, the sites have decent space between them and is much more like a campground. The staff are super friendly. Big bonus - you can hike around Watson Lake right from the campground. It's a very scenic place. 

The lake is turtle-y gorgeous (sorry!)
We had hoped to get our kayaks out on the water, but it was very windy while we were there and really not the best conditions for paddling. Instead we took a hike around the lake. The first half, south from the campground, is a simple flat trail, the second half around the north end had us scrambling around over boulders and rocks for a whole body workout. The rocks are very disorientating - fortunately they paint white dots on them so you can still follow the trail, otherwise I think we may have had to spend the night out there. We followed the Peavine Trail for a short stretch on the east side of the lake, which is a great flat trail for biking or hiking. It links up with the Iron King Trail that we wrote about in an earlier post

Our friends Dave and Shannon joined us for a few nights, and as is now becoming tradition, we did a little brewery tour. Our favorite stops were Black Hole Beer Company outside town, and Granite Mountain Brewing right in downtown Prescott. A great way to spend our last night in Arizona. We definitely need to move on to new pastures after several months in one state. Not sure we will hurry back to Arizona, but we are very happy that we visited Prescott and now at least we know how to say it. 


  1. We really liked Prescott too, and Point of Rocks RV Park. I think I could live in Prescott if it had a bit more water...

    1. Yes, definitely a nice spot. A bit cold in the winter I think, but the place had a great vibe to it.