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Pit Stop: Gil's Goods, Livingston, MT

I don't often do cafes and restaurants on our pit stops, partly because a lot of the food we taste is just alright, and partly because I don't want to fill up the blog with restaurant reviews.  So I save it for places that I think are making a really special effort. Gil's Goods in Livingston lived up to that.  I loved the fact that the staff here are so friendly, that the pizzas were very tasty and Iain said his burger was one of the best he has had since being on the road.  They have great baked breads and cakes, and serve good wine and you can grab a beer from next door The Murray hotel bar.

The thing that won my heart was what they were contributing to the community. They had a lending library all about sustainable living, and how to make communities more livable. They asked you to take a book and bring it back after you had read it along with comments about how what you learned could be applied to Livingston.  How cool!

Link to their website

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