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Bagan - A Bucket List Destination that Lives Up to the Hype

You often hear of must-see places and frankly some of them just don't live up to the expectations. For instance one place that, for us, didn't live up to the hype was Bali. It was just too touristy and over developed for our taste.

Bagan, Myanmar was definitely subject to the same amount of hype but boy did it deliver. What an incredibly magical place, like nowhere else we've seen. We toured around the temples for two days on cute electric scooters and had so much fun. No need for words. I'll just let the pictures do the talking in this post.

For practical info about visiting the area see our other post for tips on visiting Myanmar.

Electric scooters cost about $4 a day each and are by the best way to get off the beaten track. Note: Iain bought some longer pants, as wearing shorts in the entire area is considered disrespectful. 

Ananda Temple
Ananda Temple
Dhammayangyi Temple - the largest temple in Bagan
Rare Buddha pair inside Dhammayangyi Temple
Dhammayangyi Temple
Climbing the steps to Shwesandaw Temple famous sunset spot. Busy but great atmosphere. 
Sunset from Shwesandaw Temple
Looking back at sunset at the temples bathed in the glow of the last minutes of daylight
Small temples like this beautiful pair are everywhere. If you use bikes to get around you can find yourself completely alone wandering them.

Iain clambered up to get a better view. A local showed him the best way to climb. I didn't try!
At most of the larger temples there are lots of children, and a few adults who are very anxious to sell you postcards and nicknacks. They are usually good-natured and if we bought a few trinkets we always asked for photographs
More temple kids. These guys have the traditional thanaka paste on their faces
This guy showed us around one temple but wouldn't accept any money. He wanted to practice his English.

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