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Camper Rentals Near Me - How To Save Money & Get the Best Deal - Guest Post

A quick Google search for RV rentals will bring up countless links and endless information on how and where to rent a recreational vehicle. Each website promises to provide you with the best deals and options for choosing an RV, making rental decisions even more difficult.
So how can you be sure that you are getting the best rental deal possible? Consider the following tips when renting an RV; tips that will help you experience your dream vacation while on a bargainers budget.
Rent local
Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve mapped out your road trip and you’re looking for the best camper for your vacation. You have a general idea of the size and amenities you need in a camper but have no idea of where to go from there. Who do you call? How can you be sure that the great deal you’ve found is as amazing as it seems? What if you live in a rural area and there are no rental companies are nearby?
One of the best ways to save money while renting an RV is to find one close to home. Websites like are a great place to start when looking for a camper near you. The site allows you to search for an RV in a number of ways. You can search by city, state, pick up or drop off.  Renting locally saves both time and money since traveling a long distance to pick up your camper can rack up extra miles and fuel costs.
Rent from the little man
The days of large corporations having a monopoly on the recreational rental market are long gone. With today’s technology, more and more RV owners are renting out their personal campers to vacationers via the World Wide Web. This type of partnership benefits two different groups: owners and renters. Owners can earn money by renting out their camper when they are not using it and the renters receive financial savings.
Renting from the “little man” is often more reasonable where price is concerned since the owners are using the rental to supplement their income, not run a rental business like a corporation. Prices vary depending on size, but some campers rent from less than 50 dollars a day!
Filter your search
Location, owner type, and amenities are important factors to consider but there is one more that is even more significant to most renters: price. Many people do not realize that a plus of searching for an RV online through a site like RVshare is that you are presented with a variety of different campers as well as a search feature.
The filter options on this search feature allows renters to search for campers using various keywords including price. The low to high filter option allows renters to see the cheaper rentals first and compare prices. The opposite, high to low, also allows for comparisons of rentals. This way, you can find a real deal and decide if certain amenities are worth the price tag attached.
Know what you need
Sport utility, travel trailer, class A, B, or C. Knowing the type of recreational vehicle you really need for your journey is one of the best ways to keep cash in your account. For example, many class A campers rent for 200 dollars a day or more. If you need a camper that sleeps seven, this price may be reasonable. If you are taking a trip for two, finding a smaller camper can mean taking off on an enjoyable adventure at a fraction of the cost.
A great way to decide what amenities you can and can’t live without is to list them. To do this, print a list of RV amenities from the web. Circle your “must haves” and put an X over those you can live without. Keep this list close by when scanning through available rentals. When you see something you love, refer back to the list of amenities as well as your budget. This way you can rent something with the bells you desire while leaving behind the unneeded whistles.
Haggle, haggle
Another great thing about renting from an individual and not a chain is that you can often negotiate the price! With rental corporations, prices are often set in stone and out of budget means out of options. This is not the case with nonconventional rental options. If an advertised rental is your dream camper but outside of your budget, negotiating for a more affordable rate is not out of the question.
Just remember to be reasonable. Asking a camper owner to cut their proposed price in half probably won’t get you very far. In fact, it may run off potential owners. However, asking for a reasonable reduction is often met with compromise. Using your haggling skills to get a better deal can save some major coins!
Perks, please!
The great thing about using a site like is that even though you are renting from an everyday person, you still have the perks that are often associated with corporate rentals. For example, rental protection like roadside assistance often comes with your rental so if you breakdown or have a blow out on the road, someone will come to you and fix you right up—for free!
If you were in your own personal vehicle, these types of situations would be a major financial setback but because these rentals are protected, you will be back on the road in no time. Cash back rewards are also a plus. Some programs offer money back or money towards your next rental with every dollar spent.
Final Solutions
Regardless of camper size, amenities needed, or the website you decide to book your rental with, getting a bargain requires a combination of a little effort and research.
Use a reputable site like the one mentioned here, find a camper rental that is local, make sure you know what you need, and don’t be afraid to bargain to get the best deal possible!

This is a guest post from We love the idea of this site it makes it so easy for those wanting to try on the RV Lifestyle for size to try different styles of RV and have an authentic experience. It's also a great way for RV owners to make a little cash renting out their motorhome or trailer.

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