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How To Rent Your Camper Trailer When You’re Not Using It and Earn Up To $30,000 a Year - Guest Post

The sharing economy is booming and companies like AirBnB and HomeAway lead the trend helping homeowners rent their apartment, condo, or house to short-term visitors wanting the lived-in feel over a stale hotel room.
Travelers that want to blend in with the locals and save some money in the process are blowing up this style of travel. The trend is rapidly expanding to other verticals including RV rentals.

If the RV you own is not being used as often as you like, it can be rented to travelers who are unsure about investing in an RV or cannot afford one. Renting your RV when you’re not using it allows you to bring in a little extra cash.
Part-time travelers can rent a vehicle that would otherwise be sitting idle using a peer-to-peer RV rental platform like
It really creates a win-win for everyone involved. Renters can enjoy the RV experience without committing to owning one. And the RV owner turns the vehicle into a means of earning supplemental cash.
It is easy to get started and list your vehicle with RVShare which is the largest and most trusted peer-to-peer RV rental community. The amount of traffic drawn to the website increases the chance of renting a vehicle over listing it in a local newspaper ad or on Craigslist.
Listing Does Not Obligate an RV Owner to Rent
After the RV is listed, potential renters submit requests to use the RV. The owner is under no obligation to honor requests. If the personality, payment, or schedule does not match the owner’s preference, he or she simply declines. The renter is politely notified.
Besides Class A, B, and C motorhomes, you can also rent pop-up campers, truck campers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers.
A travel trailer owner from American Fork, Utah changed his mind about selling his unused trailer after renting out his vehicle. He made the decision within a week of registering his RV for rent. He has recouped his cost of ownership and continues to rent the trailer for extra income.
There is a customer base, for any vehicle owners want to rent out. New campers test the waters by renting an RV in an easy, non-committal manner. Those with a long-term goal of owning an RV can fulfill traveling dreams with a rented vehicle in the meantime. Those who cannot afford an RV, now, have a travel opportunity open to them.
Benefits of RV Rentals
Extra cash is the greatest RV sharing benefit. Owners can use the extra income to pay off the RV or as extra spending money. The amount to be made depends on the condition and type of vehicle. There are seasonal and location factors also. An RV owner from Denton, Ohio made more than $68,000 by renting his vehicle during a one-year period.
Before committing to renting a vehicle, owners can list their vehicle at no charge, to see what kind of response they will receive.
Regular use of an RV keeps it running smoothly and ensures its longevity. Vehicles that are subject to prolonged storage are destined for an early grave.
Renting out an underused or unused RV is putting it to its best use. Owners earn extra income while the RV is on the road instead of occupying space in a driveway, garage, or yard. Those who make frequent use of their RV may not think renting it out is worth the trouble. Those who are unsure about RV sharing do not have to make a huge commitment.
Owners can back out of a listing that fails to attract worthwhile rental prospects. Many RV owners are surprised to learn what a thriving culture is emerging. Often, travelers will trek to nearby urban hubs to fulfill dreams of a camping vacation.
What RV Owners are saying about the Opportunity
Word of mouth is the best type of advertisement. Those interested in renting out their RVs can learn what to expect from people who have been successful.
Dianna from Tucson, AZ is a retiree who chose to rent her RV to make money to pay off her motor home and give others the opportunity to enjoy an RV rental. She started getting inquiries immediately after signing up and listing her RV. After 12 rentals, she made $10,000. She describes the renters as upstanding citizens and the experience as wonderful.
Susanne, from Waukesha, WA lists renting her RV as her way of earning a living. She made the decision to start making money so that she could keep her RV. It took just a couple of days for inquiries about renting her RV to start. 10 rentals in 2015 yielded $12,000. At the time of her report, she had four rentals in 2016 that earned $7300. Like other RV owners, Susanne says the biggest benefits of renting her RV are the people she meets and the money she makes.

If you would like to find out how much you can make renting your RV check out the RVshare website.
This is a guest post from We love the idea of this site it makes it so easy for those wanting to try on the RV Lifestyle for size to try different styles of RV and have an authentic experience. It's also a great way for RV owners to make a little cash renting out their motorhome or trailer.

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