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About Us

Our wedding 20 years ago in Malaysia.  So young!
We sold everything we own and left our corporate jobs to travel full time. The Scenic Route tells of our travels and adventures on the road.

Originally from the UK, we are now US citizens and prior to hitting the road, had lived in California for almost 15 years. Our first 11 years were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area and the last 4 years in beautiful downtown San Diego. We were married in Penang, Malaysia 20 years ago, so I guess travel was always in our blood.

We both had corporate jobs for 20 plus years, Iain in electronics manufacturing account management, Kate in healthcare marketing. But we tired of the 9 to 5 corporate worlds. A week or two vacation each year was not cutting it for us, we wanted to see more places and have more experiences. Honestly we just wanted to be happier. We worked out that without a sticks and bricks home (i.e. mortgage) we could make a nomadic life work. So in June of 2014 we sold our home and car and bought a big ass truck and an Airstream trailer. We now split our travels between global travel in furnished apartment rentals, and traveling around the US in the Airstream. 

Our 27 foot Airstream in the wild!
Why an Airstream? 

We had tent camped for several years and progressed to a 24 foot Winnebago motor home that was used mostly for weekend beach camping. But we had coveted Airstreams for a long time, and knew that at some point we would end up with one of these beautiful design icons. 

Now we are on the road, we plan is to explore this great country of ours, and explore global destinations where we can live like locals. We like to hike, see beautiful scenery, visit cool towns and cities, eat great local food and drink lovingly crafted beer and wine. We love to watch smart, independent movies, and thought provoking TV. Iain loves to keep in touch with all aspects of technology on the road. Kate works part time as a freelance marketing consultant, and has also written her first book!

We'd love to hear from you, so comment here, or via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or drop us a message using the panel to the right.  We hope you enjoy following along with our journey.  


  1. Thanks for sharing. We love hearing about people taking off and chasing their full-time RV'ing dreams. If you ever make it up to Montana, look up Big Sky RV and come say hi. We like meeting the Full Timers of the world. Someday I hope to be one myself :)

    1. We were in Montana last summer. What a great state, we had a lot of fun. Good luck with becoming a full-timer.