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Camping Reviews

Our campground philosophy

What makes a good spot is different for everyone. When we first started out we relied heavily on hook-ups but since our solar panel installation we have the freedom to look for non-hook up sites.

We generally like being in nature. View and location are more important to us than facilities. We usually look at public campgrounds over RV parks. The exceptions might be when we stay in cities and towns and we want to be walking distances to places. We are willing to drive over a little terrain to get where we want, but I wouldn't describe us as intrepid adventurers, so if we are in doubt we don't go down a lot of rougher roads that braver people might.

A note about noise: We used to live in a downtown location, right next to train tracks. You should bear this in mind with our reviews. From other reviews we have read most people are much more upset by noise than we are. We also like eating healthful food so we will comment on where nearby groceries are. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are our favorite stops.

Like everyone we are cognizant of costs, but we want to stay where we want to stay; rarely do we compromise location because of an expensive nightly rate. As we stay mostly in public campgrounds this is rarely a big deal.  In our reviews we'll describe why we chose the location we did, and most importantly whether we would go back.  We'll also say whether reservations are taken or not, and the all important question - can you get online here. 

Green Dots: 2014
Blue Dots: 2015
Yellow Dots: 2016


  1. Nice blog. You are going to be pleased with the new solar panels. At first I wondered why you chose to install four 135W panels. Then I saw you were in Oregon! ��
    We have two 80W panels and have not yet upgraded our batteries to AGM. Still, they supply nearly all our electrical requirements. Like you, we avoid commercial campgrounds, prefering more scenic and spacious national or state parks. Those panels and new batteries will give you the freedom to explore more remote areas and to boondock at will.
    I will add your URL to the Airstream and RV page on my blog;
    Happy travelling

  2. Thanks Wayne. We are excited with the solar and already making the most of it. We are at Antelope Island near Slat Lake City at the moment, which is just wonderful. I will check out your blog too.

  3. We've been following your travels in Raleigh! We are in Colorado right now, heading to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Then we'll be in Austin, but I think we'll miss you as we leave early November to head back to California for the holidays. We have some time at McKinney State Falls. Any other recommendations,maybe in the Hill Country.

  4. Home is where you park it. Had a wonderful map with all stops noted. Then Google earth sort of went away. Have camped east to west and north to south in the past six years. I will never come in off the road. It is such a free and easy lifestyle. Please visit and like my facebook page. Six years on the road has led to a need for a little side income.