Falling in Love with Sicily

The place was amazing, not our usual budget AirBnB standard, we had a pool, huge terrace, gourmet kitchen and a farm to play in. We got to pick our own vegetables and have fresh eggs to feast on. Our hosts gave us a tour of the farm where we got to pet donkeys and taste their amazing cannoli. 

A Busy Easter Weekend in Lisbon

After many years living in the states, we had forgotten what a busy holiday Easter is in Europe. It's a time when everyone gets out of dodge and heads somewhere else for the long weekend. Apparently lots of people from Lisbon leave town to visit elsewhere, but I have to believe that twice as many people visit from somewhere else to take their place. 

Cheese Dreams: A Short Break in France

Traveling by train is always fun, the client's business area was interesting and the chance to connect with an old friend was irresistable. So Iain and I used out best Spanish to get the tickets for the right train and headed along the Mediterranean coast to Nice - our base for a couple of days.