A Quick Week in Scandinavia

We felt some urgency about coming to Scandinavia this summer. We wanted to take our time and not just have a whistle-stop tour of the southern cities and sights. We preferred the idea of a more epic journey travelling up through Finland to the Arctic, touch the "top of Europe" at Nordkapp and then meander back through the fjords of Norway. It felt like 2019 might be our last chance to do it the way we wanted.

Finding our Bliss in Piedmont, Italy

Italy… there is a reason it’s one of the most visited countries in the world; it's fabulous. Iain and I took our very first vacation together 27 years ago. We've returned on many occasions since but had never been to the Italian Lakes. Given that our trajectory was mostly north from Monaco this seemed like the perfect time to remedy that.

More Wanderings through France: Provence & St Tropez

Leaving the Pyrenees behind, we continued through the South of France with the goal to get to our campsite near Monaco. We had both been to Nice and Marseilles several times so didn't feel the need to visit again. However, we had never explored the famed towns and villages inland from coast that we all read about over 20 years ago in Peter Mayle's memoirs.

Horses, Sand and Fun in El Rocío

El Rocío is like nowhere else we have visited and we’ve been to quite a few cowboy towns on our travels. The roads in the town are just sand, locals roam around on horses and restaurants have horse-height bars outside so you can sip your favorite libation without having to dismount. It’s really quite special.

White Towns of Andalucia

Andalucia is famous for many things. It’s the home of Flamenco, tapas, its Moorish influences and the iconic white towns, or Pueblos Blancos, clusters of white washed buildings that adorn the whole community either by the coast and particularly in the hillsides.