All in Belgium

The Little Country of Luxembourg

It cannot be overstated how little we knew about the country of Luxembourg. We knew it was often grouped with Belgium and The Netherlands to make up the BeNeLux countries. Growing up in the 1970s we often heard the scratchy, crackly tones of Radio Luxembourg that used to broadcast music late at night. Yep… that’s about it. As we headed there from our last stop in Germany we actually admitted to each other that we didn’t even know what language they speak.

Avoiding Crowds (and Children) in Belgium

After our stop in Ypres, we decided to slowly make our way up through Belgium to The Netherlands. Our original plan had been to head up along the Belgian coast. After some thought we decided that, being August, the possibility of running into lots of small humans during their school holidays was way too high. Given our aversion to little screaming birth units we changed our plans and went up through the center of the country instead.

Our First Stop in Belgium Brought Us to Tears - Ypres

We had reservations on a midday ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, the perfect route to take us to Belgium and our first stop; the town of Ieper (More commonly called by its French name, Ypres). It felt great to be back on the right side of the road and the motorhome seemed to like it too.  At last Iain can see what's coming at a roundabout without having to rely on me craning my neck to tell him.