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The US vs UK Motorhome Glossary - Two Countries Divided by a Common Language

We are used to the idea that the US and UK have different words for the same thing. When we moved to The States we had to learn a whole new vocabulary. Ask any British person about their first time buying bed sheets in Bed, Bath and Beyond and they'll tell you what a humbling experience it was. Well the same goes for motorhoming/camping or whatever you call this thing we are doing around Europe.

2018... So What Now?

We have looked at various cities for a year-long stay, so we could get to know them better. Spain and Mexico are still the countries at the top of our list for that kind of experience. But after staying in one place for 5 months last year we came to the realization that no matter how much we liked that place, and we really did love Valencia, we are not ready to sit still yet. We miss the excitement and challenge of moving around from place to place.