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What Giethoorn has in common with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow and London

It was our last week in the Netherlands, at least for now, and were happy to put Amsterdam firmly in our rear view mirror and find a little more to love about this country. We headed just a couple of hours further east into the province of Overjissel and found ourselves in the idyllic town of Giethoorn. Also a well traveled location but the perfect antidote to the tourist hell of the capital.

Glorious Zeeland - Sunshine, Mussels and Lots of Cycling in The Netherlands

After our Belgian travels we crossed the border into The Netherlands and headed west, then a bit more west, and then even more west. We were heading for Zeeland, the westernmost and least populous province of the Netherlands. Zeeland translates to- yep you guessed it - Sealand, and looking at the map it's easy to see why. Islands, peninsulas, coastline and altogether a lot of water everywhere. In fact almost 40% of the area of Zeeland is water.