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Visiting London in a Motorhome

We love cities. We really do but visiting them in a motorhome brings with it a specific set of challenges. In Hamburg we camped in a poky little parking lot right in the center but close to all of the action. In Amsterdam we stayed a quick ferry ride away from the main hustle and bustle. Neither of these were options for visiting London, there just isn’t a facility to park near the center of everything. So instead we decided to stay a short train ride outside the city.

A Busy British Month

Touring the UK has not been a priority for us but this year we seem to have spent a lot of time doing it. In the spring we wanted to get the motorhome up and running. Now here we are in the fall spending a month here for some other obligations.

Some Cumbrian Wanderings in Our Motorhome

The Lake District in the UK is one of England's most scenic areas. We've visited a few times before and always admired the rolling hills, beautiful scenery and fantastic culinary offerings. Visiting now in our motorhome gave us more time to get to know Cumbria's lesser known areas and roam to a couple of unexplored corners of this beautiful county.

The US vs UK Motorhome Glossary - Two Countries Divided by a Common Language

We are used to the idea that the US and UK have different words for the same thing. When we moved to The States we had to learn a whole new vocabulary. Ask any British person about their first time buying bed sheets in Bed, Bath and Beyond and they'll tell you what a humbling experience it was. Well the same goes for motorhoming/camping or whatever you call this thing we are doing around Europe.

Exploring the Peak District in Our Motorhome

Growing up in the UK, I often heard people talk about the Peak District. They would do worthy things there like biking and rambling. They would wear waterproof clothes and woolly hats. I am sure that there would have been real ale drinking along with some pie consumption. I knew it was one of "those kinds of places" but I couldn't have pointed to it on a map. It was a perfect fit for our first proper travel in our new motorhome.