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The US vs UK Motorhome Glossary - Two Countries Divided by a Common Language

We are used to the idea that the US and UK have different words for the same thing. When we moved to The States we had to learn a whole new vocabulary. Ask any British person about their first time buying bed sheets in Bed, Bath and Beyond and they'll tell you what a humbling experience it was. Well the same goes for motorhoming/camping or whatever you call this thing we are doing around Europe.

Exploring the Peak District in Our Motorhome

Growing up in the UK, I often heard people talk about the Peak District. They would do worthy things there like biking and rambling. They would wear waterproof clothes and woolly hats. I am sure that there would have been real ale drinking along with some pie consumption. I knew it was one of "those kinds of places" but I couldn't have pointed to it on a map. It was a perfect fit for our first proper travel in our new motorhome.