What Giethoorn has in common with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow and London

It was our last week in the Netherlands, at least for now, and were happy to put Amsterdam firmly in our rear view mirror and find a little more to love about this country. We headed just a couple of hours further east into the province of Overjissel and found ourselves in the idyllic town of Giethoorn. Also a well traveled location but the perfect antidote to the tourist hell of the capital.

Glorious Zeeland - Sunshine, Mussels and Lots of Cycling in The Netherlands

After our Belgian travels we crossed the border into The Netherlands and headed west, then a bit more west, and then even more west. We were heading for Zeeland, the westernmost and least populous province of the Netherlands. Zeeland translates to- yep you guessed it - Sealand, and looking at the map it's easy to see why. Islands, peninsulas, coastline and altogether a lot of water everywhere. In fact almost 40% of the area of Zeeland is water.

Avoiding Crowds (and Children) in Belgium

After our stop in Ypres, we decided to slowly make our way up through Belgium to The Netherlands. Our original plan had been to head up along the Belgian coast. After some thought we decided that, being August, the possibility of running into lots of small humans during their school holidays was way too high. Given our aversion to little screaming birth units we changed our plans and went up through the center of the country instead.

Our First Stop in Belgium Brought Us to Tears - Ypres

We had reservations on a midday ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, the perfect route to take us to Belgium and our first stop; the town of Ieper (More commonly called by its French name, Ypres). It felt great to be back on the right side of the road and the motorhome seemed to like it too.  At last Iain can see what's coming at a roundabout without having to rely on me craning my neck to tell him. 

Some Cumbrian Wanderings in Our Motorhome

The Lake District in the UK is one of England's most scenic areas. We've visited a few times before and always admired the rolling hills, beautiful scenery and fantastic culinary offerings. Visiting now in our motorhome gave us more time to get to know Cumbria's lesser known areas and roam to a couple of unexplored corners of this beautiful county.

The US vs UK Motorhome Glossary - Two Countries Divided by a Common Language

We are used to the idea that the US and UK have different words for the same thing. When we moved to The States we had to learn a whole new vocabulary. Ask any British person about their first time buying bed sheets in Bed, Bath and Beyond and they'll tell you what a humbling experience it was. Well the same goes for motorhoming/camping or whatever you call this thing we are doing around Europe.

Exploring the Peak District in Our Motorhome

Growing up in the UK, I often heard people talk about the Peak District. They would do worthy things there like biking and rambling. They would wear waterproof clothes and woolly hats. I am sure that there would have been real ale drinking along with some pie consumption. I knew it was one of "those kinds of places" but I couldn't have pointed to it on a map. It was a perfect fit for our first proper travel in our new motorhome.

Our Summer Travel Plans

For over three weeks we have been in Meriden, in the dead center of England, at the lovely Somers Wood campground. There has been a whole lot of getting ourselves settled in the motorhome with many trips to hardware stores and Ikea but we finally felt ready to start actually doing what we came here for..... EXPLORING!

European Motorhome Hunting - First Steps

Since the end of last year we have been in online research mode, looking for a new home on wheels that could take us on the next chapter of our traveling adventure. We have spent, to be honest, an unhealthy number of hours devouring YouTube videos from manufacturers and reviewers in an attempt to narrow down our choices.

We're On Our Way... Next Stop Europe

Yep, it's all getting real now. As we expected (and were prepared for) the Airstream sold immediately. The market is hot for gently used nearly new models. We had quite a bit of interest from far and wide but ended selling it to friends of friends. We drove it to the new owners today and I know they will love and cherish it as much as we did.

Our Thoughts on San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

We visited San Miguel de Allende for the first time almost five years ago. We found it to be a beautiful city in the heart of Mexico. It was garnering more and more attention with Martha Stewart writing about it a few years earlier and Conde Naste naming it best city in the world. We decided to make up our own mind and spend seven weeks here over the holidays to get to know the city a little better. So what did we think?