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Catching Up with Friends in San Francisco Bay Area

Beautiful Lake Chabot
Lake Chabot close to Castro Valley, was the perfect place for us to rest our Airstream in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Close to where we lived for many years we had the chance to catch up with our friends and revisit areas we knew well. We actually didn't go into SF, after living in the area for 11 years we didn't feel the need to visit this time.  Instead we took full advantage of meeting up with our friends, which was our main reason for stopping in the area.  We stayed put in the East Bay and the weather was great, warm but not hot, and no fog, not even in Berkeley. 

Although it was a busy week and was mostly a social endeavor,  we did get to do a few leisure things.  We got the chance to pick up our new bikes and take them for a ride on a pretty local trail in Lafayette.  Such an idyllic neighborhood, we got to view perfect summer backyards from the trail.  We also got a little bit of time to take a hike around Lake Chabot, and got the chance to see beautiful scenes and birdlife as well as get a little bit of exercise. Of course there were still a few World Cup games to watch and I completed my uninterrupted streak of always supporting the team that loses. We also got to see our favorite sport Formula One, as we found a venue that screened the British Grand Prix, tape delayed. Thanks to Griffin Motowerke in Berkeley for screening and providing breakfast too.  

Spacious Site in Anthony Chabot Campground
We also had our first guests visit us at the Airstream. It was great to show our new home to friends, and I used the oven without burning everything to a crisp.  Result!   

Today we head off to Lake Solano, and leave our old home behind for now. But spending time with wonderful friends has turned out to be a great advantage of having a home on wheels.  

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