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Hiking, Beer and Danish Pastries: Weekend in Buellton

We spent the weekend at an RV park in Buellton California, it wouldn't be my normal choice for a stop, but given the uncertain start date of our journey I wasn't able to secure reservations at some of my chosen spots at the weekends. So that little town off the 101 where weary travelers replenish themselves with pea soup, ended up being our home for 3 nights. Having said that Flying Flags RV Resort was a fine spot for us and was a great base to tour the area.  This park is actually a Airstreamophiles dream.  They have many vintage ones available or rent, right on site.  

Picture postcard Solvang
We decided to not do too much work organizing this weekend as we had lived through a hectic few weeks and needed a rest.  So it was time to be tourists!.  This involved the most tourists of places, Solvang!  If you have never been, which we had but oh well lets go again, it's a tourists hot spot (bus tours aplenty). It is definitely a cute, picturesque town that is different from the norm. It's a Danish settlement, in the middle of Southern California, thatn in and of itself makes it's worthy of a look.  We stopped walked around took some pictures, had a cake and then left!

The RV Park was very friendly, and had a pool and all the amenities that make staying there easy, especially a laundry - our first time doing laundry on the road. On Saturday night they showed a movie by the pool for all the families.  I insisted on going, much to Iain's skepticism because it was the Lego Movie - and I just wanted to see it.  It was actually cool to watch it out in the open (chilly) air. 

The view that made the hike worthwhile
On Sunday we started the day watching the Formula One grand prix from Austria. We are big fans of the sport and had resigned ourselves to not being able to watch it now we had no cable or satellite subscription.  But thank you Univision - we got to watch the Spanish language coverage with just our antenna.  After the race, we decided we need some exercise that didn't involve moving boxes from one place to another.  So we drove down the 101 a little to Goleta to hike Gaviota Peak.  Now we have become a little podgy and unfit over the last year, our time running regularly was behind us and honestly I especially am not in good shape. The hike was wonderful, once we got to the top - but the walk up almost killed me.  Serious motivation to get in shape, because the view was worth it.  

Rewarding beer at the end of the day
Of course the other motivation for hiking is to enjoy the rewards of refreshment when you are done.  We had a wonderful Sunday Funday eating delicious foods and drinking tasty beer at Industrial Eats and Figueroa Mountain Brewery in Buellton.  So even though Buellton was not my first choice as a stopping point for the weekend, turned out to be pretty cool for fun, food and drink! 

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  1. I somehow never made it to Solvang during the 4 1/2 years I was in Santa Barbara! I've had the split pea soup at Anderson's though. Hope your trip up north is great!