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The F-word and the stressful journey towards change

The last few months have been an interesting emotional journey. The relief at having made a decision to make some significant changes in our life to be happier. Followed by the overwhelming weight of what needs to be done to make it happen. Next comes the nervousness about telling your friends that you are going to be full time traveling, along with the excitement of sharing your plans. 

In the last few weeks I have resigned my job, and that brought the guilt of leaving a team of colleagues and partners behind.  Many people have told us they are jealous of our decision and the position we have found ourselves in. This leads to questioning of whether we are worthy of such an opportunity. 

The selling of a house is an emotional thing on its own.  Will it sell, it's taking too long to sell, will we ever be able to sell it.  This quickly turns into to will it appraise, will the buyers get approved.  Escrow is a 6 week purgatory that, while in it, seemingly never ends. 

Oh and I forgot the F-word, the human emotion that keeps nagging at the back of your brain FEAR.  Are we crazy, are we doing the right thing, are we going to lose our sense of home, will we get eaten by bears? 

My learning in all of this journey is that nothing worth having is achieved easily. We have to feel a range of emotions and if we didn't feel the stress of change, would change ever be the character building experience that makes for an interesting life.  So for these next few weeks we'll continue on this roller coaster, keeping our eye on the prize, our happier future.

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