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Pit Stop: Standing Stone Brewery, Ashland Oregon

Standing Stone Brewery,  Ashland Oregon
In downtown Ashland, the restaurant is huge and they have a cool outdoor eating space with a funky roof that adjusts depending on the sunshine (or maybe due to rain I am not sure).  The food was delicious and they produce their own food (beef, eggs etc) at a farm, one mile down the road.  Now that is something we can get behind. They also supply bicycles to their employees so they can get around town without polluting the Ashland atmosphere.  What's not to love.  We tried an Amber and a Pale. Delish.


  1. Ashland, OR is sure a nice little city. Lithia park is amazing in the fall with the changes in colors. I never saw so many photographers. We will stay at Emigrant lake again at the end of Sept as we work our way south for the winter. We did a couple of nice hikes in the mtns that were a little cooler. Grizzly Peak and Mt Ashland Meadows trail. While we were there last fall they were filming the movie, Wild, staring Reese Witherspoon, based on the book and a woman's story about hiking the PCT. It comes out later this year. Have fun!

    1. Hi Hans, We hiked Grizzly Peak, but lost the trail, we are hopeless!! We loved Ashland, and definitely would visit there again. We have moved on to Diamond Lake, near to the entrance to Crater Lake, and then a couple of weeks on Bend to finish out August. No time to spend on the Oregon Coast this time, as we want to start making our way to Albuquerque, to the balloon Fiesta. But so far I am in love with Oregon.

      See you on the road some time.