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Camping Review: Boondocking Govt Wash Rd, Lake Mead, Nevada

Co-ordinates: 36.125805,-114.827721

Why we chose here? After spending several months in Arizona we decided we would start heading west to California via southern Nevada.  Our plans changed a little as we had to get a flight to New York which meant we needed to hang around Vegas longer. So we decided to start with a stay at Lake Mead.
Location: It's relatively scenic here, the rocks are a little harsh on the eye, but there were some lovely sunsets and the vistas are vast.  The lake is at tragically love levels, so what would have been waterfront spots are now a hike away from the shore.   The cities of Henderson and Las Vegas are just a short drive away.  

Sites: Quite a few spots here, if you want to get closer to the water, the road is quite bumpy and the lower down you go the view is diminished a little.  We decided to stay high up, where the access is easier and the views are better.

Facilities: Not a whole lot.  There are trash cans here.  The boat ramp is closed due to the drought

Reservations: No.

Cell Coverage / WiFi: Both Verizon and AT&T coverage was good.

Price Paid: Free

Date of visit: April 2015

Other: One of the great things about boondocking is the freedom from being in a campground.  The downside to this is that sometimes people show a lack of respect for the area and others who are enjoying it.  There were a lot of late night comings and goings here, that it's hard to believe were not people up to something dodgy.  Also men who, presumably to make up for their small wedding tackle, chose to ride around in cars showing off how much power their engine had.

Would we come here again? Yes, despite the dodgy comings and goings this is a mostly peaceful spot, convenient for Henderson and Vegas.

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