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A Gem of a Western Town; Dubois Wyoming

We're in Jackalope country
We didn't specifically set out to spend a week in Dubois Wyoming.  We ended up here because we needed a base to stay, while some family were visiting from the UK. But we are really glad we did. What a cute little town.

The population is less than a thousand people and they are 75 miles from the next nearest town. But their remoteness is more than made up for by the western charm. Whether we were drinking at the Rustic Pine Tavern, or eating at the Cowboy Cafe, we felt very happy to be spending some time in this part of the state.

The downtown has a piano in the main street, where a local guy plays ragtime music to entertain visitors, you can also see the largest Jackalope in the world at one of the gas stations. Of course! We also went to the local rodeo, which takes place on the edge of town each Friday night in the summer. It was our first rodeo experience and to my surprise I really enjoyed it.  I fully expected to love the whole Cowboy feel and the corny Americana but we actually really got involved watching the events too.

Some Scott Joplin anyone?
So far we have really enjoyed Wyoming. It's so different to what we were used to; people here seem to be relaxed and low key and offer the perfect antidote to some of the precious and high maintenance people we knew in our old life. I certainly can't imagine many Southern California parents letting their 6 year old girl compete in barrel racing, or chase a small cow around a dusty arena trying to pull a ribbon off its tail in the Children's Calf Scramble.

Friday night is Rodeo night
Next stop is Cody and we have decided that we can't get enough of the Cowboy Scene - so we'll head to the July 4th Rodeo.  By the end of the summer I feel we may be able to expertly commentate on Bronc and Bull Riding.

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  1. How fun! Can't wait to spend some time in those small WY towns!