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Montana - A love letter.

It's that familiar feeling; butterflies in the stomach, obsessed with spending more time with you, wowed by your beauty. Yes I am in love... AGAIN!  The object of my affection is the 4th biggest state in The Union, The Treasure State, Big Sky Country - I'm talking about you Montana.

I am enchanted by your natural beauty, sweeping landscapes and cute, furry (and mostly dangerous) wildlife. I still have to see your most wonderful treasures, we'll be in Glacier National Park next week and I know that my feelings will only grow stronger.

I am falling for your cute, hipster towns and cities. Livingston won me over with its small town charms and feeling of community, Missoula, a little city with a vibrant downtown. Philipsburg, small but perfectly formed. You need to keep a watchful eye on Bozeman, it seems like a fantastic place, great downtown, breweries and eateries, but I am a bit worried it is getting a little too big for it's boots. Have you seen the price of real estate in Bozeman these days?

As well as your towns and cities, the people who live in Montana are seemingly unpretentious and laid back. They seem like a friendly bunch who are proud of where they live and are not impressed by fancy stuff. They even make a lot of craft beer - now Montana, you're really trying to impress me.

With all this going for you I am willing to overlook a few of your flaws; this wierd rule about closing your breweries at 8pm and selling me no more than three drinks, what's up with that?  And your weather changing every freakin' five minutes, can't you just make up your mind about sunshine or thunderstorms so I know what to wear.  

Long lovely evenings by Georgetown Lake
I have to be honest with you though Montana, I think this will be a brief, but oh so sweet love affair. You see I am a fickle being, last year I felt the same way about Oregon, but just like Oregon, I have to tell you that come Fall we will most likely be breaking up. I just don't do Winter, actually I am not even that keen on Fall. My California years have spoiled me forever.  But summer flings are wonderful and I will make sure to enjoy this one while it lasts.


  1. Sometimes it is nice to enjoy a Montana Quicky Love Affair. We will get our fling on with Montana in August! We just broke up with South Dakota, it was a great affair, but now we are dating Wyoming and so far so good! Have fun and bring the bear spray into Glacier as the bears may be a bit feisty! :-)

    1. Yes, it's the great thing about this travel life - lots of dating new places and no need to commit to any one of them.

      Bear Spray is on board !!

  2. I ran the Missoula Marathon this week and am loving Glacier now even though I got caught in a crazy cold storm yesterday at Logans Pass!

    1. Congrats on the marathon. Looking forward to Glacier, We'll get our winter clothes ready.