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Pit Stop: Paragon Brewing, Coeur d'Alene Idaho

This place wasn't open on Sunday when we wanted to visit, which was a shame because it was perfect weather to sit outside on their deck and sip some brews.  Instead we went back later in the week, when it was way too hot to sit outside. They have an extensive selection of beers, which always include a sour, which is great for me - not so much for Iain who can't understand why I like them!  As well as a good selection of taps their food was delicious. Iain had bangers and I had an Irish Boxty - both were made with great ingredients.  And we can confirm the Scotch eggs are very authentic and delicious!

They don't brew their own beers... yet! but their choice and excellent food makes this a great place for a Pit Stop.

Link to Brewpub Website

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