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New Year Thoughts: Everything We Gained in 2015.

There's something about tearing a sheet off the calendar that has a strange effect on us humans. We get all wistful and reflective while we think about the year that has passed and the one that lies ahead. We remember all that we have achieved, or not, in the past year and our optimism is refreshed as we muse on plans for the future

It's commonly the time for resolution and goal setting. But this year I am going to do neither. I just don't feel I need that kind of structure in my life right now. I have learned a lot about myself in 2015, my first full year of living the full-time travel life. I've learned that I like living without constraints or rules. I don't want to map out my future and I don't ever want to start a sentence with "I would never...  or "I have to...". I want to be spontaneous, seize opportunities and make all the moments count.

This year I've eaten ant eggs and grasshoppers and tried out my Spanish on bemused Mexicans. I've hiked further and higher than before in some of the Western US's most amazing National Parks. I've sung my heart out at karaoke like no-one is listening, I've danced in the grocery store like no-one is watching. I am living the life I want to live and I don't need new goals I just want to keep doing more of the same.

Mostly what I have learned is that 18 months ago we thought we were leaving everything behind; our jobs, our home and our belongings. But we have actually gained so much more than we lost. We have lived more, experienced more, and met lots of wonderful people along the way. We are now part of an incredible community of like-minded people and we keep meeting new ones every week. Welcoming the new year while in the desert with 30 other nomadic families was surreal and wonderful at the same time. It bookended a fantastic year, and reaffirmed our belief that we have found a life that is perfect for us right now.

In 2016 we will be doing more of the same, and also some things a little differently, but we know there will never be a dull moment and that is just how we like it! Happy New Year to all, I hope you make it a good one!