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Pit Stop: Figueroa Mountain Brewing (FMB) Buellton

We stopped at their Taproom and brewery in Buellton after a tiring hike up Gaviota Peak. We were very ready for beer. It's a short walk from Flying Flags RV Park where we were staying. They don't have food, but just around the corner from them is a fabulous spot called Industrial Eats. We ate there but realized we could have taken our pizza to go, and eaten it at FMB. The brewery has a beer garden, but we stayed inside, as they had a band and they had created a cool vibe by building a full on bar in the brewery space. Plus seeing a band playing among the fermentation tanks was a novel idea.

They have a good range of beers and one hard cider.  We enjoyed two of their most popular brews, Hoppy Poppy Ale, and their Danish Red Lager.  They also gave us a taste of a weird concoction that was wine and beer mixed.  Hmm not sure about that one, but always game to try.  There's not a lot going on in Buellton, it's a rest stop on the 101 between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, but if you are passing by, FMB is definitely worth dropping by.  

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