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"What do you think of the show so far?" ...

Several people have asked for comments on how we are finding things so far? So rather than talk about where we are visiting, this post is more to do with how we are feeling five weeks into our adventure. We are typically asked a few standard questions; how is life in such a small space, do you miss anything from home, how is it living without creature comforts, is it like being on vacation all the time? It's early days but these are my first thoughts on those questions.  

Compared to this we live in a palace
How is it living in confined space? So far this hasn't bothered us really. The weather has mostly been warm so we sit in our "outdoor living room" a lot. But even inside we have not felt cramped for space. A few areas leave a lot to be desired in the organization department. In particular our clothes; we both still have too many, and so getting dressed, or putting laundry away is a bit of a task.  Apart from that the bedroom, bathroom, shower, kitchen and sitting area/dinette are just perfect. As long as we keep things clean and tidy, which has never been a problem for us, we are golden.

Do you miss anything from your home? So far really nothing in the way of possessions. I haven't regretted anything that we sold or donated and I haven't thought, oh if only I had a [fill in the blank] ... The only thing we miss is a solid internet or phone connection.  Getting online is not difficult, but sometimes it requires driving to a different location for decent bandwidth, or a strong phone signal.  Having reliable connectivity on tap is something we are working on, we already have some gadgets to help and will be getting additional antennas fitted in the next few weeks.

How is it living without creature comforts? We are pretty comfortable. We have never slept better than we have in the last few weeks. Our sleeping and living set up is super comfy. Really the main things we don't have are a dishwasher and laundry. Lack of a dishwasher is no big deal. We only have two sets of plates, dishes etc, so we just wash everything up after each meal. Easy. The laundry just takes some getting used to. Previously we would do laundry sporadically throughout the week and leave things lying in the dryer for a while and come back to it later. When you go to a laundromat you need to set aside a few hours and it's a chore, but once it's done, it's done. It's not as convenient as in our condo, you just need to set aside the time to do it.  

Is it like being on vacation all the time?  Definitely not. I would say it is more like a prolonged weekend than a vacation. If you think about a typical weekend, sure you have more leisure time than during the work week, but you also have chores and tasks. It's like that; a mixture of jobs and fun.  Also, I have been working a little but mostly on my schedule, and really that is the main difference to our old life; it is all on our schedule.

Blog title reference
Our first few weeks on the road have not been typical, partly because we were staying in a lot of places in California that we already knew. We've also been surrounded by familiar faces; family and friends who have visited us.  Of course it is also all new so we are in a honeymoon period, and learning new things every day. We will soon be out of California, and will leave the people and places we know behind, it will be just us.  We will also be getting used to things, developing a routine, and optimizing how we set up the Airstream (I will put together an Airstream Tour post soon).  We are also learning types of places where we prefer to stay (more on that in a later post too). So make sure you stay up to date with the blog.

 P.S. Sorry for non-British readers of the blog - the title of this post is a reference from the UK's most beloved comedy duo Morecombe and Wise that led to the phenomenon of a performer asking the audience "What do you think of the show far?" to which the crowd always shout "rubbish".


  1. Congrats for hitting the road... we are heading south while you are heading north, perhaps our paths will cross...

  2. Rubbish! I love reading your blog! Mark