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Campground Review: Baker Creek Campground, Great Basin National Park, Nevada

Why we chose here: During our repositioning on the Loneliest Highway in America from Northern California to Colorado we passed right by (well a few miles detour) to a National Park. While there is boondocking here a few miles outside the park we decided as we were just staying one night to stay right in the park to make the most of our short visit. 

General: This is a beautiful campground, set among cliffs, trees, a babbling stream, it is the stuff of REI adverts. The other campground that is suitable for RVs Lower Lehman is more accessible, and has paved even spots.  It is also more central to the parks attraction. This one is tighter, has more rugged access but is definitely more scenic. It is not suitable for bigger rigs. 

Location: Once in the park you have to travel a few miles on asphalt and then a few more on a gravel, dusty road. The campground is tight with RV's only able to access the lower part of the campground. In the campground itself we made sure I walked ahead with a Walkie Talkie so we didn't run into a rig coming the other way

Sites:  Pretty uneven space and not especially roomy, but it wasn't too full when we were there and we had plenty of space around us. 

Facilities: Toilets and water spigots. 

Groceries: Best to stock up before you head along the Loneliest Highway. 

Reservations: No, and we had plenty of choice of spots, even though one of the campgrounds (Upper Lehman) was closed for the season. 

Cell coverage / WiFi: No, we had nothing at the site, patchy at the visitor center for Lehman Caves

Price paid: $12 - Dry

Date of visit: July 2016

Would we come here again? Yes. The park is beautiful, we explored Lehman Caves in the afternoon and got up for an early morning hike under Wheeler Peak before heading our the next morning. 

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